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24/7 Staffing Support

24/7 is as good as its candidates. You are our valuable assets and its imperative for us that you feel supported and valued. We are here to work together with you as part of the wide team for us to reach our goal of being one of the best recruitment organisations across the nation, and for you to achieve your personal and career or employment goals. By listening and understanding to you we can respond to your career and employment needs successfully.

24/7 has contracts with private and public sector companies in; healthcare, gas engineering and plumbing, cleaning and security services. We have a wide variety of jobs/opportunities ranging from temporary work, contractual work and permanent positions. Whatever your situation, try us; we will get something better for you.

We adhere to strict compliance requirements. These are set to protect provision of quality services to our clients and ensuring our candidates are the best. All candidates applying to 24/7 Staffing Support are required to provide evidence of the following:

• Proof of identity
• Eligibility to work in the UK
• Professional Qualification (where applicable)
• Up to date Professional Registration (where applicable)
• Relevant experience and references
• Occupational Health clearance
• Mandatory training requirements

For a complete checklist requirement for individual sectors, please check under specific job section. For further information, speak to our experienced and dedicated consultancy team today on:
0116 268 2537