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About Us

24/7 Staffing Support Ltd is a recruitment agency run by experienced experts with varied professional backgrounds. This organisation is registered with the Companies House in the United Kingdom with our head office located in Leicestershire. We forecast that in the near future we will be supplying healthcare staff across the country with offices in various regions where we operate.

This organisation is committed to:
❶ Competence: to supply highly competent and knowledgeable staff to meet our clients’ needs.
❷ Delivery: provision of client focused as well as satisfactory services.
❸ Leadership: to influence in the provision of good quality staff support services across all industries.
❹ Integrity: we endeavour to uphold positive ethical standards in our dealing with clients and workers, and build a reputable image for staffing support service provision in various industries.

This organisation is dedicated to quality assurance. To ensure this we perform regular feedback surveys from both our clients and workers: from our clients to see if we are meeting their expectations through the provision of cost effective workforce who are well experienced, with the right work attitude and reliable, thus good value for money, from our workers (staff) to see if we are meeting their expectations through good pay rates, interactions with our experienced recruitment professionals and equal opportunities. We are a highly compliant organisation with a robust candidate screening process. Only staff that have successfully met statutory compliance requirements and had a face to face interview with the appropriate industrial sector manager will be forwarded as potential staff.